Luxury Cruises

A cruise is an extraordinary voyage in the scope of its experiences. Onboard, the atmosphere reflects the excitement of the voyage with special meals, captivating speakers, a polished crew and attentive service. Cruise Specialists is the recognized leader in world cruise planning adding special amenities such as escorts, exclusive shore excursions, parties, and more to our world cruise groups.


Mediterranean Cruises

Like returning to one’s own hometown, Silversea’s experience and expertise allow you to explore Southern Europe as an insider. Aboard Silversea’s luxury Mediterranean cruises, you can browse the world’s best museums at your leisure during private after-hours openings, learn the secrets of traditional dishes in the kitchens of chefs who hold recipes handed down through generations, and savour amazing wines surrounded by their birthplace vineyards at tastings hosted by renowned vintners.

Join Silversea on a journey to the playgrounds of the world’s most legendary sea. Wind through the exquisite isles of the Aegean and explore the antiquity of the Peloponnese. Embark on a Eastern Mediterranean cruise and sail to the Greek Isles, the Black Sea and Dalmatian coast jewels in Croatia and Montenegro. Or a Western Mediterranean cruise that discovers jet-set hideaways from the sun-soaked Iberian shores to golden Riviera beaches. The Mediterranean is an irresistible Silversea destination that keeps calling you back for more.


Northern Europe Cruises & Baltic Cruises

Silversea’s Northern Europe cruises offer a rich diversity of enriching experiences from visiting the royal capitals of Northern Europe to discovering places where few travellers have ever set foot. Sail along the coast of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Visit Monet’s garden at Giverny and the glorious abbey of Mont-St Michel. Many Silversea Baltic cruises feature three full days to explore the tsarist treasures of St. Petersburg – glorious palaces, onion-domed cathedrals and the Hermitage Museum, with perhaps a day trip to Moscow.

This is a region of artistic masters from Rembrandt and Van Gogh to Mother Nature and her breathtaking canvases – magnificent Norwegian fjordlands, remote and wild Northern Scotland archipelagos, and the fire and brimstone spectacles of Iceland. With Silversea’s Northern Europe cruises and Baltic cruises, you can discover a Europe as richly varied as your interests.


Asia Cruises

Let the fabled islands of Indonesia embrace you with their exotic beauty. Silversea’s Asia cruises explore Vietnam – a seemingly endless patchwork of rice paddies, colourful markets and entrepreneurial energy. Cruises to Asia journey between ancient glories and modern-day miracles from Beijing with its Great Wall and Forbidden City to booming Shanghai … from Tokyo’s flashing neon lights to Nagasaki’s beautiful bay … from high-tech Taiwan to Kyoto, cultural fountainhead of Classical Japan.

Africa Cruises, Arabia Cruises & Indian Ocean Cruises

Have you ever seen a thousand flamingos suddenly take flight? Espied the elusive leopard lazing in a baobab tree? Or watched a herd of gazelles race ahead of your jeep? Silversea cruises to Africa in luxurious style. From the private game reserves of Zululand to the verdant vineyards of the Western Cape, discover Africa cruises that thrill, delight, surprise and intrigue.

Dine in the Namib Desert under towering dunes and brilliant stars, or drift from eden to eden in the Seychelles. Join Silversea aboard Indian Ocean cruises sailing the Arabian Sea from Dubai to India to the oil-rich sheikdoms of the Gulf. Enter the Red Sea to discover great wonders of antiquity – Luxor’s tombs and temples, the pyramids at Giza and more with Arabia cruises. Follow the call of the wild and fascinating on these exhilarating Silversea sojourns.


Alaska Cruises & Pacific Coast Cruises

This is what Earth must have looked like before the human footprint. Immense forests as far as the eye can see. Glaciers advancing and retreating in an endless cycle of rebirth. An ice age wilderness, bigger, bolder and more beautiful than you can imagine. Alaska’s sheer size puts everything else in perspective. Yet, ironically, it takes a smaller Silversea ship to appreciate the immensity of an Alaskan cruise.

Silversea’s luxury Alaska cruises take you on an insider’s path along the Inside Passage. There are diamond-blue icebergs, rushing mountain streams, waterfalls and flowers of every colour. Here you’ll find the biggest bears, the largest gathering of bald eagles anywhere, and more than half of the world’s entire population of humpback whales. Experience Alaska’s grandeur up close and in person aboard an intimate Silversea Alaska cruise.


Australia Cruises, New Zealand Cruises & South Pacific Cruises

Silversea’s South Pacific cruises sweep across two hemispheres, two continents and a breathtaking succession of dazzling sights. New Zealand cruises are set to impress with incredible destinations, including geysers and glaciers, sub-tropical rain forest and spectacular Lord of the Rings landscapes. Australia cruises offer truly spectacular sights – wander from wonder to wonder: the Great Barrier Reef, the wildlife of Kangaroo Island, stunning Sydney Harbour….


Caribbean Cruises, Mexico & Panama Canal Cruises

Silversea’s luxury Caribbean cruises reveal an uncommon side of this popular destination. Palm-strewn hideaways like St. Kitts, “the island that tourism forgot” according to Travel + Leisure. And Grenada – uncrowded, unspoilt and seemingly untouched by time. Virgin Gorda is a yachting-crowd favourite with deserted beaches, coral reefs and little to do that isn’t utterly relaxing. These are the islands that Silversea’s Caribbean cruises sail to, the ones in the less-visited Lesser Antilles where big ships cannot go.

Or make your tropical escape through the greatest shortcut on earth aboard Silversea’s Mexico cruises. An exciting Panama Canal cruise features spectacular sojourns through the cloud forests of Costa Rica, the ancient Maya ruins of Guatemala, the marine playgrounds of the Mexican Riviera, and, of course, the engineering feet of the 20th century: the awesome Panama Canal.


South America Cruises

Silversea’s South America cruises and Amazon cruises invite you to experience the colourful cultures and natural beauty of this vast continent. Navigate through the Chilean fjords as scenic passages unfold one after another. Hear the roar of glaciers as they calve before your very eyes. Travel the Amazon and step back in time to study the past. Silversea’s all-inclusive cruises to South America offer excursions to some of the world’s greatest archaeological sites: Machu Picchu, Chan Chan, and the giant stone monoliths of Easter Island.

Silversea’s South America cruises bring the region’s dramatic diversity into dazzling focus with outstanding enrichment programmes and exclusive small-group tours. Explore the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, a topaz jewel sky-high in the Andes. Sail along the world’s mightiest river into the heart of the Amazon. Observe cavorting penguins. Watch gauchos at work. And get into the spirit of the tango in Buenos Aires.


New England Cruises & Canada Cruises

Treat yourself to a fall cruise to witness autumn’s most magnificent show – New England and Canada’s maritime ports ablaze with the colours of fall. Silversea celebrates this seasonal splendour with a special harvest of New England cruises that travel along the North Atlantic’s rugged coast.

Silversea’s Canada cruises sail into the postcard-perfect settings of rustic fishing towns where you can get your fill of lobster bakes and salty tales. Watch for whales as you sail the Saint Lawrence Seaway. Experience the café lifestyle of Quebec’s distinct Francophone culture. Back across the border, explore Maine’s Acadia National Park, watching for timid wild deer in forests of peeling birch trees. Admire Newport’s “cottages” and walk the Freedom Trail in Boston. Silversea’s popular Canada and New England cruises are as multi-hued – and as short-lived – as the glorious fall foliage.


Micronesia & South Pacific

The islands at the far western frontier of the South Pacific offer a particularly diverse and dramatic experience. Yap, Vanuatu and the outer islands of New Guinea contain some of the most traditional people of Oceania, communities centered on gardens, reefs, ocean and ancestors. Few people ever have the chance to experience their exuberant, ceremonial hospitality.

The range of biodiversity is astonishing. This is a geologically complex region of unique ecosystems and species, both above and beneath the warm tropical waters. You will have plenty of opportunity experience both with our frequent Zodiac outings.

Further east lie “Pearls of the Pacific” like Fiji and Tonga with their jaw-dropping beauty. Swim and snorkel in postcard-perfect Society Islands. Follow in the wake of the Bounty to the rarely visited Austral Islands, home to migrating humpbacks at this time of year. While in complete contrast are the Tuamotus, exquisite low-lying atolls lost in the immensity of the Pacific and the final destination for Heyerdahl’s heroic Kon-Tiki voyage.



Few geological formations capture our imagination more than volcanoes, with their lava flows, hot springs, steamy flumes and majestic, cone-shaped slopes. Learn about volcanism in the Pacific Ring of Fire on our expedition along the Izu-Bonin-Mariana (IBM) Arc. Here, oceanic plates converged millions of years ago, creating a string of volcanic islands and carving the Mariana Trench, the deepest and least-explored part of the world’s oceans.

Along with geological fascination, the bird life also is intriguing. Torishima in the Izu Islands is a protected bird sanctuary and is home to the beautiful but extremely rare short-tailed albatross. Sperm whales and large pods of dolphin populate the waters around the Ogasawara (Bonin) archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the ecological gems of the Pacific Basin. Known as the “Galapagos of the Orient”, these extremely isolated islands host many rare and endemic species.

A lush, tropical paradise and a rich history greet us in the Northern Marianas, also known as “America’s best kept secret.” Discover World War II relics, look for the endemic Mariana fruit bat, Micronesian megapode and impressive coconut crab, and swim and snorkel in clear, turquoise waters around the beautiful coral reefs.



The Ring of Fire stretches along the entire rim of the Pacific Ocean, but nowhere are these volcanic landscapes more dramatic than in Russia’s Far East. Journey across the Bering Sea to the Komandor Islands, Kamchatka and the Kurils, lonely and majestic lands, sparsely populated and vibrant with smoking volcanoes, brown bears and the wild beauty of the vast Pacific Ocean.

The region is one of the richest in the world for seabirds, both in terms of species and their sheer abundance.

Basalt stacks rise from the ocean, nesting spots for unimaginable numbers of seabirds. Sea otters and pods of whales cruise the sea, while sea lions and fur seals crowd the shorelines.

But while birding and wildlife are central themes of this expedition, the region’s human history is quite fascinating, and we include encounters with the Chuchi and Koryak people with their herds of reindeer, and the indigenous Ainu of Kuril islands.

Join us on this expedition to these magnificent lands. For the passionate pioneer traveller, this is a wilderness beyond compare.